Anatoly Gankevich



Anatoliy Gankevich, 2022

The second film from the trilogy "The gase of the Sun" is dedicated to the element of fire and describesthe present.

The filming took place during the pandemic, and the final cut just happened at the beginning of the war. The pandemic served as a transitional period from the past to the future in "The gaze of the Sun" project.

To another world that is being formed at the moment - to the present, living in an enterprise, like an obscene circus show. And reality, as you know, is endless. In human perception, reality ends only at the onset of death.

The theme of love in the picture is revealed in the time continuum of the present and the global.

"FULL SUN" is an absurd anti-utopia about Ukrainian reality, telling about people, located in a fictionalworld in the style of grotesque and clowning.

In the modern world, a person observes reality in fragments. It constantly switches from one processto another without waiting for the finalization. Actions in the film are fragments,stage acts and situations that form in the viewer a sense of meaninglessness in anticipation of the unknown.

Discobool-Langeron. 2021. 150х450cm


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