Anatoly Gankevich

Eternal Breeze

Anatoliy Gankevich, 2023

The final third part of the film of the trilogy, about light and reflections, suggesting a variable time continuum of the future, as well as the element of wind, which brings additional quality and storytelling possibilities, like movement.

This film is a philosophical parable that tells about the artistic vision and understanding of cyclicality, the search for an image of the transformation of reality and the diversity of the future, its variability. The picture is about desires, dreams and their possibilities, as well as about mistakes, which, as Haruki Murakami said: "... like life's punctuation marks, without which, as in the text, there will be no meaning."

The characters in the film are old people and children. Children have their whole life ahead of them and they are in the illusion of eternity, while the elderly have only eternity ahead. They are in a similar position and state, which, in my opinion, corresponds to the image of the future. There is no future, but its image is elastic, it can radically change the poles from evolution to degradation. It was this image and feeling that I wanted to capture and convey in the film, as well as the well-known expression: The future is inevitable.