Anatoly Gankevich



A. Gankevich and O. Migas

Artists A. Gankevich and O. Migas present to you the «VERNISSAGE CLEANSING» exhibition. The concept of this exhibition is based on the existing in the creative world simple attitude towards the artist’s creativity, which can lead to the conclusion that the main task of visiting the exhibition opening is «Vernissage» itself with its obligatory attribute: the opportunity to meet in a relaxing atmosphere, discuss news, solve business issues and, of course, do it all with a mandatory meal.

You can sometimes hear a phrase: «Please come to Vernissage, there will be food and drinks». We are happy to give you this opportunity and therefore consider it not necessary to have us and our artworks around. Considering the fact that our «VERNISSAGE» was created and transported to Moscow from the gracious capital of the South Region, we hope it will be a pleasant opportunity for you to fill the existing shortage of food – energy fuel, much needed by any human being, especially the creative one. But that doesn’t mean we encourage gluttony. From our point of view, excessive and unreasonable consumption of food greatly reduces the physical and especially the creative potential of a human. Most people are constantly sick and feel bad because they are trying to recycle the huge amount of excess food they consume. Even the healthiest person will eventually drain their energy by eating constantly, it will be not enough to drain everything bad out of the body. That is why, while we treat you, we also call for food restriction, rational nutrition, starvation, and cleansing of the body. Messy lifestyle is the real reason for us not feeling well. Life is the tragedy of nutrition!

The saying is true: «A man digs his grave with a knife and fork». It is natural for a human to dream of a miracle. Without knowing the real achievements of natural nutrition and starvation, which are surprising on their own, he seeks wonders in spheres he cannot understand. Jesus Christ was starving for 40 days, Buddha was starving for a long time, and so was Gandhi. All great teachers throughout history have been starving for their spiritual powers. You are weakened and aging prematurely because you haven’t learned to keep your body clean. Starvation and gut washing are two of the most effective methods of cleansing the body and rejuvenating it. “Sons of the humans, you have forgotten whose children you are. Your mother is the Earth. And everyone who lives on Earth must live by the laws of Nature.” Health is the natural state of a human. Disease is Nature’s response to the human’s unreasonable behavior.

To embark on the path of health, ask the mother Earth for three angels: the Angel of Water, the Angel of Air, the Angel of Light. First who will come to help is the Angel of Water. Find a big pumpkin with a hollow stem in a man’s height, clean it from the inside, fill it with water heated by the river Sun, hang the pumpkin on a tree, and insert the hollow stem into your intestine from the back. Kneel down and bow your head low to the Earth. Beg mother Earth to absolve you of the sins you have acquired in gluttony. When the water cleanses your intestine and comes out of you, you’ll see with your own eyes, you’ll feel with your own nose, you can try with your own fingers what disgusting stones you’ve been carrying inside of you. How can your body keep being healthy and your mind intact? You want to keep doing this all week and don’t eat. Only then will you know the happiness of living in a pure body.

My idea of reality outside the windows is shaky and blurry, I look at the world through the blinds, which are my protection and, at the same time, limitation.  The blinds hide the heaven-like landscape and the light coming from the outside, but at the same time protect us from the forces of nature, other people’s stares.