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Subtle Grounds

by A. Gankevich, 2017

In the project “Thin Plans”, I tried to withstand everything in a minimalist form and explore the relationship between the reality and the perception; I tried to transfer the metaphysical feelings I experienced discovering magical places in India. 

The exhibition consists of ten artworks, which depict a simple view through the window with the blinds down. The landscape itself is “out of focus”. But it’s not essential anyway. What is really essential is air, emptiness, and something that can’t be illustrated. “Defocus” enhances the depth and makes the space intangible.

A dark room – a view from the inside. It is some kind of an abstract model of the inner world, or, rather, an attempt to see the world around through the inner world. The main goal was to simulate the atmosphere, to create an illusion of reality. Depict air, depth. The air outside and the air of inner comfort. I also wanted to combine all the artworks into a single panoramic picture, made of separate, self-contained paintings.

The exposition’s main point is to show how all the paintings “disappear”. They turn to windows, windows of subjective reality. Then the ten illuminated images in the dark magically put together like a mosaic in viewer’s head to a nonexistent exterior – an imitation of an objective reality behind the windows of a personal world – “general” and “specific”.

The mosaic itself in the artworks is laid out strictly mathematically, like some kind of a wall of colored “information bricks” that resembles multi-colored lines of a television scan on a large monitor.

My idea of reality outside the windows is shaky and blurry, I look at the world through the blinds, which are my protection and, at the same time, limitation.  The blinds hide the heaven-like landscape and the light coming from the outside, but at the same time protect us from the forces of nature, other people’s stares.

Only abandoned chairs keep a feeling of the past and the image of the endless presence of a lonely person.