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by A. Gankevich

 “Tsvet” is a Russian homonym, which means both “color” and “inflorescence”. This word playlets “tsvet” to be the most suitable name for the project.

 The TSVET project is a metaphor for the ongoing return to the beginning, to cyclicality, to the renewal of nature and, of course, to the very beginning of the spectrum, to a neutral gray color.  I got inspired by a well-known story about everything being gray, color is nonexistent, all we see is a reflection. We all know that every color is perceived by everyone in their own way, like everything else.

Shades of gray are the richest because no other color has so many shades, and shades are the subtlety.

Every one of us is likely to be familiar with the emotional effect of the flowering of trees in spring that is first seen in the year. You go out one day on a sunny spring morning and you see how the world around has blossomed.  It seems that everything is so awfully familiar: spring, the “wedding of flowers”, and yet you still feel this state in a new way, like joy from a blank sheet of paper.  You know that it happens once a year, but you are happy about this gracious sensation of something new that excites us every time and which we every time forget about.

 Flowering is a spring, sexual season, which excites us on the relict level.  This love mood, this explosion of desires all of the living beings experience from year to year, but each time the effect is still new.