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Life is the centre of contrasts. If there is a hell of noise around you, the explosion is not impressive that much.

D. Lynch

Now the world is changing so fast that all these changes are figuratively perceived as explosions. If you need to define it more precisely they are more like "slow explosions". For example, at this moment, we are all in an information explosion. My project of 2012 is called “Condition of Explosion”.

An explosion, as an illustration of the chaos increasingly began to appear in our lives with a wild rhythm. Demonstrative explosions of atomic bombs are not interesting anymore. The number of new explosions is impressive, they rattle one after another, turning the silence into a slow "hellish noise". An apocalyptic explosion is a madness that is happening in 2012. The fear-mongering generates explosions of illusions, gradually turning into a mass hallucination. The economic crisis is also an explosion that keeps everyone in fear. The most ancient, the most mysterious, the most popular, almost like a Super-Book is "the Big Bang". Probably, according to scientists, it all started with it. But seriously, the first global explosion of a transformation of public relations happened 10 thousand years ago. Agriculture has formed human civilization, as we know it now. The second explosion happened 300 years ago. The industry had exploded ancient societies and created an entirely new civilization, changing millions of lives. The third "information explosion" happened just at the time when I was born, in the mid-60s, due to the development of communication systems. People were able to spread and receive information faster. The "information explosion" can be seen as a reaction of obsolete structures to new trends. In our time of rates, we can call all vivid social incidents as explosions. The explosion has become a powerful symbol of the modern world.

People of my age remember, that until the middle of the 90s all music performers were known by heart and not only names but all albums and years. Now the number of names and albums, especially electronic music, so many that remember them all is impossible. An overabundance of information reaches a critical point and the explosion turns this information into chaos.

Well, we are living in an amazing era where the growth of information available to each human being is beyond imagination. In recent years, there are a lot of talks about the "information explosion" and the transformation of civilization to the "information society". Information can change a person's consciousness and create a new world around him.

In 2008 artist Viktor Pivovarov defined very accurately: "The concept of "culminating event" involves some instant, one-time action, such as an explosion. Indeed, there was such an event and it was well known. We call it a "Bulldozer exhibition", a heroic revolution of consciousness." Unofficial, "underground", nonconformist art came out of the cellars, narrow closed circles in the social and cultural space. From this moment it is not possible anymore reckon with it. From this moment the slow process of legalization begins."

It seems to me that the explosion in the consciousness of society destroys the mythological mirages built by our ancestors and slowly reforms it.

But what historians write, as it happened before: firstly there is an explosion of mass consciousness. All previous values are dramatically out of date. A revolution in the consciousness of society leads to political reforms, then a lull happens, time seems to stop... and again, all over again.

I see an explosion that grows, and when it reaches its highest point, it stops and freezes for a moment – the moment of fixation. "Freezing explosion in time" at the point of its "supreme manifestation", as we can say, at that "moment of truth". There is an expression of an uncertain state of consciousness before us somewhere between excitement and peace, between knowledge and understanding, between life and death. A torn landscape with the wreckage of the past.

The explosion was very capacious importance. We put something fatal an understanding of the word “explosion”. Today the explosion could happen at any time, anywhere, with anyone. Anything can be called an explosion, for example, illusion or life. The principle is the same. Suddenly there is something out of nothing, begins an increase in volume, the process of growing. Then, briefly, stops and the reverse process, destruction, reverse. This chaos of mosaic particles in the air helps to easily take the limb of everything. It destroys the illusions that we hide behind. This is surveillance cameras in the clouds, reminiscent of religious paintings of Baroque and Rococo. This is the image of the "eternal observer", which presents always and everywhere. It helps to adjust the viewer's perception in a calm way, to assure that everything happens under control, that it is the "object under observation" and that the result still depends on the point of view of “Observer”.