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I like the present

by A. Gankevich

In childhood, in the summertime, lying on the beach – you are happy! You don’t feel the past, because it’s not there yet; you cannot predict the future, since there is not enough experience, neither the past nor the future exists for you – there is only now. You are happy!…, and that means – invincible! Lying in the sand, looking at the shimmering sea, you unconsciously dive in some kind of “sweet, rainbow-colored syrup”, in some blessed-meditative state. It is just like magic. The flickering atmosphere mesmerizes you with its hypnotic light, your gaze freezes as if from a shiny chrome object in the hands of a hypnotist, you slowly sink deeper… You see an image divided into small parts: a unique, chaotic, mosaic pattern, as if “broken”, consisting of fragments image, flickering texture on the waves. Flickering on the water charges the atmosphere with magic, filling it with illusion and romanticism.

In the artworks, it’s more of the sensory experience of what is happening at the moment that is being translated, rather than the story that is being told. “Real-time”. Cropping without the sun. A fragment was taken out of context, due to its detachment from the logic of the “whole,” enhances the image. A small piece always impresses more than something the whole does. I am not trying to manipulate the viewer, I try to get to the core of the material and let it speak for itself.