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by A. Gankevich

“Conditions of the explosion” is an explosion of illusions.  Everyone in his life comes to a moment, when it is time to say goodbye to all the illusions, when they fall apart. It usually happens for quite some time and in various ways: at different timelines and in a different order, and they feel as slow, not very noticeable explosions.  I see an explosion, that is growing, and, reaching its highest point, stops, almost freezes for a moment – the moment of fixation.  A “frozen in time explosion” in the moment of its “highest manifestation”, at that very “moment of truth”.  We see the expression of an indefinite state of consciousness – somewhere between excitement and peace, between knowing and understanding, between life and death.  A torn landscape with small fragments of the past.

 The word “explosion” has a very wide range of meninges.  In its definition lays something fatal. An explosion can happen today at any time, anywhere, with anyone.  Anything can be called an explosion, for example, an illusion or a life.  The concept is the same.  Something suddenly appears out of nowhere, a sudden increase of volume, and the process of growth start.  Then it stops for a moment, and the reverse process begins – the destruction.  This chaos of mosaic particles in the air helps to accept easily that everything is going to the end at some point; it destroys the illusions we are hiding behind.